What’s new in the new Jerusalem tiles?

A new series of Israeli ceramic tiles have been unveiled by the Israeli government.

The tiles, which were first unveiled in 2016, were made by a company based in the Netherlands.

The new series is called “Silicon” and was first introduced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech at the United Nations.

The tiles, known as “Silicone” in the Israeli press, are supposed to help the city of Jerusalem absorb water from the sea.

The city has been under water for decades.

The Israeli government says that the water has reached a point where the city is not safe to stay underwater.

The government also plans to use the new tiles to build a network of aqueducts, which would allow the city to bypass the current water-borne pollution problem.

The Israeli government has been working on new, high-tech tiles since 2010, but the project has been postponed due to the ongoing water crisis.

The tile series will be installed by the Israel Water Authority in a project that will take three years.

The Israel Water authority is the nation’s largest water authority and is responsible for building water treatment plants and other infrastructure.

The project is expected to cost around $600 million.

It is expected that the tiles will be used in a number of different places throughout the city.

The images were made available by the Water Authority.