A new ceramic tile set for the RTE showroom

RTE’s A new Ceramic Tile Set for the Showroom is now available to pre-order from the RTA store.

The ceramic tiles come in four different finishes: slate, ceramic, woodbridge and ceramic tile.

The set comes with 4 different pieces of ceramic tile: the base, top plate and bottom plate.

All the ceramic tiles are made of stone, marble or slate, and they will be available in two different sizes: 3 and 6 inches.

The tiles can be used in the showroom, in a dining room or in a bedroom.

RTE said that the tiles are the first ceramic tile sets to be available for sale in Ireland, and it will be the first time the brand has launched a ceramic tile range in the UK.

For a limited time, the ceramic tile collection will also be available to purchase from the A4C online store.

A ceramic tile kitchen is a kitchen that has been created for the home, according to RTE, with an area where a table and chairs can be set up.

It’s not clear whether this is for use in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom or living room.RTE said the ceramic-tile kitchen was created by combining traditional Irish craft with the modern European kitchen.

It will be a new ceramic design that will be exclusive to the Rta showroom and will be priced at €150.