Why you should avoid the Legion of Boom in Washington

In an attempt to curb the Legion’s influence, Washington state lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday that will ban public officials from wearing blackface or wearing masks in their official capacities, in addition to other rules and penalties.

The Legion of Boomerang, a group of former Confederate veterans who wear masks and act as their own spokesmen, have also launched a statewide campaign against the state.

In January, the group’s national spokesman, Jason Clements, was arrested and charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer in Georgia after his publicist posted on Facebook that he was taking down the group and was threatening to burn down the statehouse.

The legislation passed Tuesday was drafted in response to the Legion, which in 2016 issued a statement claiming that blackface and other forms of facial prosthetics were “totally unacceptable” and “inherently racist.”

Legion members claim they’re part of a “viral media campaign” to bring awareness to the use of blackface by white people, a claim that has led to a slew of legal actions against the group.

In addition to the new bill, the Capitol has already been shut down and there are other changes to be made to ensure the safety of the Capitol and surrounding area.

The state’s Office of Emergency Management announced that the Capitol building and other buildings would be sealed off and no visitors will be allowed to enter.