Richmond residents get new tiles, $1.6M for their homes

By RAYMOND MURPHY and JOHN HENRYKKEThe Richmond Times-DispatchPosted Mar 29, 2019 09:01:22Richmond, Va.

(AP) A Richmond-area developer is buying more than 1,000 new ceramic tile panels for residential homes that are replacing old glass and metal in some homes in the area.

The developer is the first in the country to sell the ceramic tiles to homeowners, who can use them to make ceramic tiles for their walls, windows and doors.

They’re priced at $9,000 for a 6-foot-wide strip of tile, or $10,000 a square foot, said Rich Davis, who owns Davis Glass Tile.

Davis Glass is a new company.

Richmond-based Davis Glass Tiles, based in Richmond, is buying ceramic tile to replace glass and steel in homes in Richmond.

It’s part of a larger trend, Davis said, of more and more new homes being designed with new materials.

“There’s a lot of glass being replaced,” Davis said.

“Glass is getting cheaper and cheaper, and ceramic tiles are a new way to make glass.”

The ceramic tiles were developed by a group of local engineers and researchers, who have built ceramic tiles into homes since the 1980s.

They’re made with a blend of glass and aluminum and can be easily reused.

Davis said his company has installed more than 30,000 ceramic tiles on new homes in Virginia, Washington and Maryland.

It’s currently installing about 20,000 tiles on existing homes in northern Virginia and Maryland, he said.

Davis plans to open a plant in the state of Washington later this year to begin the process of bringing his tiles to market.

The company has not yet decided whether it will install ceramic tiles in new homes, but Davis said that’s the plan.