Menards to open new headquarters in Montreal

Montrealers will have another reason to celebrate when Menards opens a new headquarters on Montreal’s north shore.

The retailer will build a new retail and technology center at 556 Yonge St. in a $12-million project that will be built in partnership with the city.

The city of Montreal approved the development last year, and a construction contract for the facility is expected to be signed in December.

“We have always felt that Montreal is a global city and that we have to be global in our development,” said Manards President and CEO Patrick Housset.

“We feel this will give us an opportunity to do more of what we do well, which is create more jobs.”

The store, which will include a 3,500-square-foot store and offices for the Menards management team, will be the first to open in the Greater Montreal area since 2007.

“This project will allow us to create more permanent, long-term jobs here in the City of Montreal, which we feel is important for the city,” HousSet said.

“The addition of a new technology centre to our existing retail and office footprint will allow for a more connected, vibrant and inclusive city for our employees and our customers.”

The new store will have a mix of Menards’ traditional stores, which include the Menard Store, Menards Casual, Menard Women’s and Menards Sports.

The new space will also have a new food court and a new lounge.

The new Menards store will be a flagship store for the retailer, HousSET said, which would feature a mix, “like a supermarket, a pharmacy, a health food store and a home improvement store.”

The brand’s headquarters will be located on Yonge Street, which Houssets said will serve as the site of the Menands retail and tech centre.

The Menards Technology Centre will be part of the new headquarters, with more than 150 employees in its first year of operation.

“The new location in Yonge will serve to create a more integrated presence and to attract additional jobs in the city, particularly for the highly skilled workforce of the region,” Houlset said.

“Our focus is to bring the same level of innovation, productivity and commitment to our employees that we always have in Montreal.”

The Menards tech centre, which has been under construction for about a year, will include the company’s existing facilities, which already include offices for its marketing and human resources departments, HoulSet said, as well as new office space for its business development and HR teams.

The Menard brand also announced that it will open its new Canada Post facility at 554 Yonge, just east of Yonge Station.

The Canada Post location, located at the end of Yonta Street, is scheduled to open this spring, and the Menares headquarters will also be in that building.

Houlset expects the new office to open “in the next few months,” adding that the location will “add more than 100 jobs” to the Menars portfolio.