Can you tell when someone is using an applet?

Now Playing: Google’s new home screen applet may be the next great Android home screen feature article Now Play: Google is trying to turn the “Google Now” into a home screen-centric applet.

The company has posted a video to YouTube that shows the new home interface on an iPhone 6.

The applet lets users search for apps and search the web with a tap on a home button, then show up the relevant page, like the one above.

If the user taps the home button twice, they’ll see a list of apps that are installed and in use.

If they click the search button, they can quickly navigate to a page of content or a specific page, then tap the home icon and it will launch the app.

That’s it.

It’s not clear how the user interface will work for other phones, but Google’s video suggests that it may be based on its search engine and search-and-manage features.

The home applet doesn’t appear to be part of Google Now, but it could be.