The best electric cars in 2018

Electric cars are getting more and more affordable, but some electric cars are still expensive.

Let’s take a look at the best electric car in 2018 and see how it stacks up to other models.


Nissan Leaf The Nissan Leaf has proven to be one of the best-selling electric cars ever.

Since its debut in 2012, Nissan has sold over 50 million Nissan Leaf electric cars.

The Leaf is also the world’s first fully electric car to be able to go on public roads.

The first version of the Leaf had a range of 155 miles on a single charge.

The latest model, the 2018 model, has a new powertrain, a smaller battery and a bigger battery pack.

The 2018 Leaf is a better car than its predecessor, and it’s even better than the 2017 model.

The car has been a big hit in Europe.

It’s been popular in Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and the U.K. The European market is a big driver for the Leaf, and the company is expanding in that market as well.


Tesla Model S It may not be the most exciting car of 2018, but the Tesla Model 3 has been the hottest new car in history.

The Model 3 is an electric vehicle with a range between 250 and 300 miles.

It features a large lithium ion battery, a Tesla coil-on-grid system that produces electricity from the car, and electric motor to power the car.

Tesla plans to build a fleet of 200,000 Model 3s and 400,000 more over the next few years.

Tesla says that Model 3 deliveries will hit 1 million in 2021.


Toyota Prius The Toyota Priu was one of 2016’s most anticipated new cars.

It was announced as a fully electric vehicle in 2017, and by 2019, it had been delivered to all of its dealers.

The Prius has become one of Toyota’s best-sellers, selling about 12 million units worldwide since its introduction in 2016.

Its range is just over 120 miles on one charge.

If you’re looking for a great value, you can pick up a Prius for about $70,000.


Chevrolet Bolt The Chevrolet Bolt is a new luxury sedan that promises to revolutionize the luxury car market.

Chevy will start shipping the Bolt to dealers in late 2019.

It has a range from 265 to 300 miles on the highway, and its battery pack will go from 13 kWh to 22 kWh.

It is a great car, but it’s not the best luxury car on the market.


Volkswagen e-Golf It’s one of 2018’s best selling electric cars, and Volkswagen has made it one of its best selling models.

The e-golf is an all-electric car that comes with a four-speed automatic transmission, a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, a five-speed manual transmission, and a diesel engine.

The Volkswagen e,e Golf has a base price of $37,995, and that price will go up to $45,995 by the end of 2019.

Volkswagen is rolling out the e-e Golf to dealers nationwide, and they expect it to be a success.


Ford Fusion The Fusion is one of Ford’s most popular electric cars that has sold more than 30 million units since it was introduced in 2010.

The Fusion has been around since 2013 and is still in production.

The battery pack for the Fusion is a six-mile lithium ion polymer battery, and when fully charged, it can go from a range up to 265 miles.

Ford’s Fusion is the best selling car in the U and Europe.

The company plans to expand the Fusion to 200,0000 vehicles in 2021, and more than 20,000 cars per year will be sold by 2021.


Audi S5 Audi has been in the luxury electric car business since 2013, when it introduced the S5.

The S5 has been one of Audi’s best sellers.

It starts at $57,900, and prices have been rising steadily, from around $55,000 in 2013 to around $72,000 today.

Audi has a massive battery pack that will last around 80,000 miles on an average charge.

Audi says it expects to deliver more than 100,000 S5s to dealers by 2021 and more by 2021-2022.


Nissan 370Z Nissan’s new Leaf electric car is a huge hit in China, where it has sold around 10 million Leaf electric vehicles.

The Bolt is expected to be the best seller in the world by 2021, when Nissan will be shipping its first mass production of its electric vehicle.

The Nissan 370X is the cheapest Nissan Leaf ever sold, and Nissan is also getting ready to introduce its next model, a new model called the Bolt Plus.

Nissan says that its next models will be more affordable and faster than the Leaf.


Tesla Roadster Tesla’s Roadster has been popular for many years.

The Tesla Road