What is the ceramic tile industry?

It is not the first time India’s ceramic tiles have been targeted by some of the country’s worst droughts, floods and crop failures in recent years.

The government is trying to create a national industry to produce ceramic tiles for residential and commercial uses.

The ministry has set up a centre for ceramics at the National Institute of Ceramics and Metallurgy (NICEM) in Hyderabad to work with the state government on this.

The ministry is also setting up a national cooperative to provide services to ceramic tiles, a spokeswoman said.

In a recent statement, NICEM director-general Prakash Srinivasan said there was a need for more ceramic tile research and development in the country, especially for use in the field of ceramical products and tiles.

He said the institute has already received applications for ceramic tiles for use as furniture and other industrial applications.

The ICMS is part of a nationwide ceramistry programme to boost ceramic manufacturing.

Its president, Rajeev Kulkarni, said the government was “working hard” to increase the number of ceramic tiles being manufactured in India.