The Art of the Deal: The Art Of The Deal, Part 2

This week’s cover story features the best business advice you’ll find anywhere on the web.

It’s the Art of The Deal—part two, in which we explore the importance of negotiating your own deals.

This week, we’ll cover: 1.

The art of negotiating a deal that has little or no impact on your bottom line.


How to use the power of the negotiation to improve your company’s bottom line and ultimately your bottom lines of your competitors.


The importance of using the power that comes with having a good idea to make good deals.


How you can use the art of the deal to improve the quality of your product or service.


The power of being able to get out of a deal quickly, even when you’re not happy with the results.


The benefits of using one’s own money to build a business.


How your business can benefit from taking advantage of a special business deal.


How a special deal could affect your company and your customers.


How making a deal will make your company more successful.


The advantages of working with a team that knows what they’re doing.


How it’s important to always do your research before you negotiate.


How working with people you trust and have an open mind can make a big difference in your business.