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The Washington Metro Area Transportation Authority is rolling out a new fare payment option for Metro cars in its trains.

The option, called Travertine, is an alternative to a regular fare and will only be available on certain routes.

The service is being rolled out at a dozen of the agency’s routes in order to improve service to areas where ridership is low.

Metro says it is hoping to offer Travertines on a handful of routes.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said riders will be able to pay with the fare card they already carry in their car or the Metro Connect card, which allows riders to pay in cash at the station.

For a trip on the Metro Express, riders pay $3.50 on the card, and if the trip takes an extra two hours, they can pay with a Metro Connect or a Travertiner.

The agency says Travertiners will cost riders $1 more per trip, and it will charge them a $1.50 surcharge for each ride.

But if riders are traveling with a Traverine, they will not be charged for the additional fare.

Metro is offering the service to help it reduce fare evasion and to reduce ridership and the cost of transit.

For now, Travertining is only available at the Metro Expo Center and the Washington Nationals Park, but Stessel says the service could be expanded.

Metro also is introducing a Traversine app, which will allow riders to tap the card on the back of their Metro card to pay at the stations, and the app will also let riders use it to pay for fare.

Travertined is also available at many transit stations in the region.

Metro has not released ridership data from the TravertINE service.

The app, while convenient for those who don’t want to use the fare machine, is still limited to Metro Express customers.

And the app does not support Metro Connect cards, which are a popular alternative for Metro riders who use cash.