When a woman gets married and her husband refuses to take her to the doctor

When a man and his wife get married and they are denied medical care by their doctors, it can be very difficult to get the doctor’s attention, even if they have symptoms of the flu.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics shows that this is actually the case for about 30 percent of married women.

The authors said this is a real issue that needs to be addressed in the context of a modern society.

The study found that nearly half of the married women who reported being denied care were experiencing symptoms of influenza or other complications such as pneumonia, according to the Associated Press.

The study involved 4,200 adults ages 18 and older who were asked questions about their personal health and the symptoms they experienced.

The most common symptom reported by married women was not getting the right medicine.

The researchers said that when a husband refused to take his wife to a doctor for a flu shot, this could be because he was afraid the doctor would not be able to find a match.

The wife who was denied care also tended to be less likely to be taking her medicine.

They found that men were less likely than women to be receiving the right medicines for their symptoms.

Women were also more likely to get flu shots if their husband refused, but they were also less likely if their spouse was unable to afford the shot.

Women who were denied care for flu or other conditions, or were forced to have a partner who refused to help, were also much more likely than men to report symptoms of a cold.

This is not surprising, because flu and other colds are a common health issue.

The authors of the study said the findings suggest that when couples get married, and there is no health insurance, couples need to be prepared for the consequences of not getting enough health care.

If a couple is divorced or widowed, they should discuss what their options are.

This could include having someone take care of the children.