‘We’re not going to leave’ amid crisis at Smithsonian museum

WASHINGTON — It was supposed to be a celebration of the art of ceramics, but the Washington, D.C., museum was plunged into chaos on Wednesday when thousands of ceramic tile lovers began flooding the galleries with the colors of their favorite ceramic flowers.

Hundreds of thousands of tiles were removed and thousands of other decorative elements were replaced by ceramic flowers and other artworks by ceramic tile craftsmen.

The museum’s art collection is in dire straits.

The Smithsonian’s Center for the Arts is in danger of closing for several years, and it has been unable to secure a new permanent home for the Center for American Indian Art.

In a statement, the Smithsonian said it is in the process of removing the art and will be putting together a plan to keep it open.

But the problem has already begun.

“We’re still in a period where it is very difficult to keep the Center open,” said the museum’s director of public affairs, Anne Stoll.

The art and cultural center has about 7,500 members, many of them artists, who are devoted to the collection.

They are a diverse group, but it is really a diverse collection of artists.

The center’s director, Anne Lasky, said the people that come here work with ceramic tile to produce ceramically inspired art.

They are also a part of the public gallery, the art gallery, and the gallery staff.

“They are people who have a very specific vision and an extraordinary talent for art,” Laski said.

“And when you have such a large collection of ceramic tiles, it’s easy to think that there is a ceiling to that ceiling.

But there are people from all walks of life, and that ceiling is just as high.”

The problem began with the installation of a new glass floor at the center.

But the tiles and other ceramic elements were removed in the middle of the day on Wednesday.

Some ceramic tile experts said the removal was an error that would have been easily avoided if they had already decided on the new floor.

The Washington Post reported that the Smithsonian is planning to install new glass at the Smithsonian and other museums.