We’re going to try to make this a bit easier on our guests

New York’s restaurant and bar scene has always been one of the hottest in the country.

But the area’s new breed of restaurateurs and bar owners have been pushing to make their food more accessible.

This year, New York is adding a few more perks for its patrons.

The city has started charging $5 for a beverage on-site, and there’s a new bar menu that’s designed to be more inviting to everyone.

And with a new state law, restaurants can no longer discriminate against people on the basis of gender identity.

That’s the new law, which will take effect in January.

But what’s the difference between those two things?

What’s the definition of discrimination?

We caught up with some of the people who have been in the business since the day the city passed the new discrimination law, and they talked about how they’re trying to stay ahead of the curve.