How to Install Ceramic Tile on a Porcelain Tile Project

New Delhi: In a bid to tackle the problem of low-quality ceramic tiles being installed on commercial buildings, an Indian ceramics and ceramic tile maker has released a ceramic tile installation guide.

The guide, titled How to Put Ceramic Plates on a Commercial Tile Project, will help those looking to put the ceramic tiles on a commercial building with an eye towards the future.

The ceramic tile tiles can be used for various types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and can last for years.

“It is a challenge to put ceramic tiles in a commercial space because the material has a low moisture content.

Even a single tile can make the entire project dry,” said Sanjay Bhardwaj, president and CEO of Ceramic Project India Pvt.


“So this guide is intended to help commercial and residential developers understand the proper technique to put a ceramic floor in a residential building, to understand the ins and outs of ceramic tiles and to learn the ins-and-outs of putting ceramic tiles for a commercial project,” he added.

The company, which makes ceramic tiles that can be easily washed and reused, has made a number of commercial installations, including a new residential space, an office and a restaurant.

Bhardwapaj said he has made over 2,000 ceramic tile installations in the last two years.

“We have a team of over 200 workers.

We make tiles for about Rs. 2,500 per tile.

In the past few years, we have added a third tier for the third tier,” he said.

“When we have a ceramic project, we are also making ceramic tiles as well as ceramic tiles with glass, glass mortar and other ceramic tiles.

For these projects, we make about Rs 2,400 per tile,” he continued.

Bhardpaj said the company also offers ceramic tile flooring to commercial and private tenants.